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Product Name: CELLULAR GLASS   
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Cellular Glass


Cellular glass is rigid but light weight form material, consisting of innumerable closed cells.

It is completely made from glass, and has some unique properties for its closed cell structure.


Cellular glass has properties of moisture resistance, chemical resistance, incombustibility,

high compressive strength, environment protection, etc. And its widely used in hot/cold insulation.


Joey can supply products with various types, thicknesses and sizes per different application conditions and special requirements of wide field to meet the demands of all industrial equipment.

And we can supply accessory materials to meet the requirements of insulation system


Reliable Application Service

-Refrigerated and Low Temperature Piping, Vessel, Tank and Equipment

-Middle / High Temperature Piping and Equipment

-Offing Oil Platform

-Paper Pulp / Paper Mill and Water Processing Factory

-Food Processing, Refrigerated Equipment and Brewing Factory

-Hot Oil / Asphalt Storage Tank

-Aboveground Steam Piping

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